10 Famous Large Sized Hypoallergenic dogs

Being a dog owner is a great experience. Perhaps if you are allergic to dogs, you cannot have a furry dog for your own. But for many years’ dog breeders have been working on creating hypoallergenic dogs. So every dog lover can have their pet.

In the past, we could only find small breeds of hypoallergenic dogs. But now, there are large-sized hypoallergenic dogs breeds for big pet lovers. In this article, we have listed down the 10 famous large-sized hypoallergenic dogs in the world.

1.Giant Schnauzer

Giant Schnauzer is the most famous large-sized hypoallergenic dog breed. They are also the largest breed among the other types of Schnauzers. They are also known as hypoallergenic guard dogs. The Giant Schnauzers usually have a black coat because they were developed by using various types of giant black-coated dogs. Initially, they have been developed in Germany by using eight different dog breeds.

Height: –  25–27.5 inches

Weight: – 35-47 kg

2.Black Russian Terrier

Black Russian Terrier has the same appearance as the Giant Schnauzer. But they were developed in Russia. This dog breed was developed to use as a guarding dog, working dog, sporting, and companion dog. People believed that seventeen of numerous dog breeds were used to develop Black Russian Terriers.

Height: – 28–30 inches

Weight: – 50-60 kg

3. Afghan Hound

Afghan Hound is a large breed of hounds that could find in Afghanistan. They have several characteristics which make them more recognizable than all. Their thick and silky coat is a significant feature that helps them to adapt to low temperatures. Now the Afghan Hound is more different than the ancient Afghans who were on the border of China and Afghanistan. The modern Afghan has developed as a basal breed.

Height: – 24-29 inches

Weight: – 20-27 kg

4. Irish Water Spaniel

Irish Water Spaniel is the tallest of all Spaniels.  Recently, they owned the highest rank among the hypoallergenic dogs from the American Kennel Club.  Since they are native to Ireland, many Irish people also called IWS Rat Tail Spaniel because of their most recognizable rat tail. Another distinguish characteristics is the long curly hair which grown on top of the head.

Height: – 22-24 inches

Weight: – 25-30 kg

5. Mountain Cur

Mountain curs are one of the famous large-sized hypoallergenic dogs. They were mainly found in Europe two hundred years ago, and now they can only be found in America. Curs were used as an all-purpose farm dog and even used for factories purposes in rural areas. However, now they are known as a rare breed because of the effect of World War II. But, now there are special places to breed the Mountain Curs.

Height: – 20-26 inches

Weight: – 14-27 kg

6.Airedale Terrier

Airedale Terrier’s alias name is King of Terriers. People called that because they are the largest breed of terriers. They were developed in England to use as hunting dogs and to use as British war dogs. Different breeds of terriers, including Welsh Terrier, have been used in forming Airedale. Also, Airedale has contributed to the Yorkshire terrier.

Height: – 22-24 inches

Weight: – 18-23 kg

7.Bergamasco Shepherd

People who love Puli will definitely like Bergamasco Shepherd.  They are the largest version of Puli’s, but their fur is thicker than a Puli. Bergamasco is an Italian native dog and, it always appears in the Italian Dog shows. Their coat is in the form of matted locks, which helps them the protection from bad weather.

Height: – 22-24 inches

Weight: -32-38 kg

8.Bouvier des Flandres

If you like long-haired dogs, Bouvier des Flandres is the dog for you. They are knowns as a hypoallergenic dog since their origin. Originally they were used for farm-related work like sheep herding, cart pulling, etc. The end of World War 1 caused their breed a near disappearance. So now they are excessive and hard to find

Height: – 24-27 inches

Weight: – 35-40 kg

9.Standard poodle

Standard Poodle is one of the famous dog breeds of the world and the large breed among other poodles. They are commonly used to perform at Circuses in France. Most people love poodles for available grooming types. There are more than 40 different coat clipping for poodles. So they’re often seen in pet shows.

Height: – 18-24 inches

Weight: – 20-32 kg

10.Portuguese Water Dog

Portuguese Water Dog is best known for its work in fish trawlers sailed to the Atlantic Ocean and across the coast of Iceland. They became the first breed in history identified as hypoallergenic dogs. But now, they are a rare breed to find. Their name and were popular again after President Barack Obama had chosen them as the White House pets.

Height: – 20-22 inches

Weight: – 19-27 kg

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