Basics of designing your bedroom

The bedroom is that one area in your house where you spend most of the time whether it is sleeping, working, or even relaxing on a lazy weekend. So, it is important to create your bedroom in a livable and aesthetically pleasing environment for your own benefit. There are no exact rules when it comes to decorating a bedroom as every space is different as it reflects your personal style and interests. Here are some tips which you can be used to transform your ordinary bedroom into a cozy place.

1. Prioritize the function

Even though the fundamental purpose of a bedroom is to have a good sleep, a modern bedroom also severs as a place to catch-up work deadlines, entertain friends, do late night studies, have meals on bed, watch Netflix and many more activities. Therefore, it is important to take in to account how the bedroom will function as a multi-functional space. First of all, you will have to prioritize the needs and interests of you and the person you are sharing it with and then work on the layout to accommodate those in to the space.

For an example; if you are work driven person, you might need a work zone in your bedroom. Adding a simple table and a chair will do the trick to create a workspace, ideally it could beneath a window. Additionally, you can add a reading corner, sitting area, dressing area, work zone or storage according to your needs.

2. Colors

The color of your bedroom affects your mood. It is always advised to have light or neutral colors such as white, gray, light-medium beige for the overall bedroom walls as it does not tend to affect the mood. An added advantage in using white for small rooms is that naturally, it makes a room feel bigger.

Neutral colors for bedroom walls

If you prefer to brighten up the bedroom with a hint of colors, you could have one feature wall with an accent color or patterns. Adding an accent wall could change the whole feel of the room and it adds a touch of style. For this, you could simply go with wall paint or even a charming wallpaper backdrop.

3. Lighting

Finding the right balance in lighting layers (between natural light, ambient light, accent light and task light) is the key to create best lighting in any room and it will help to create suitable lighting for any mood and any activity.

First you will need to layer the lighting depending on the activities you will be doing on regular basis. For general tasks, you could use proper ambient lighting which includes natural light via windows or skylights, or artificial lights; ideally ambient lights such as ceiling lights and pendant lights.

If you expect to do activities such as reading, working or applying makeup, consider having task lights for those activities. For example: you could use bedside table lamps or low hanging pendants on either side of bed for reading and desk light or mirror light for applying makeup.

Task light at the beside
Task light at the beside

Accent lights usually highlight and draw attention on features such as accent walls or artwork displayed in the bedroom. You can use recessed lighting, wall scones or LED stripes to incorporate this feature and create an elegant ambience in the room. When selecting lights it is vital to keep in mind that warms lights are ideal for bedroom actives and dimmers play a major role.

Accent lighting in bedroom
Accent lighting in bedroom

4. Furniture and accessories


You need to have an idea about the area of the bedroom before you buy furniture so that you will not over crowd the space with large furniture items. Then determine the style you prefer which also goes with the interior and it is not necessary to match all the furniture in the room. Depending on the space available, you can select the bed option, nightstand and bedsides, dressers, wardrobe and media solution (TV, Blu-ray player). If you have less space available, you could consider multifunctional furniture items such as beds that incorporate storage to save up space.  

Clean bedding

Having clean and nice bed linen will not only bring a fresh look in to your bedroom but also it is important to make you have a good sleep at night and for your personal hygiene.

Personal accessories

Your bedroom should be your personal retreat and it should enhance your personality. Therefore, adding personal items, art pieces of your choice will make the room look less generic and reflect your personal style.

Adding personal accessories
Adding personal accessories


You can never have too many pillows. Having decorative pillows is one of the simplest ways to add color and brighten up a bedroom. You can select an elegant color scheme goes with your bedroom interiors and decorate your room without spending lot of money.

Decorative pillows
Decorative pillows


Curtains add texture and color to the room and control light and lend privacy and warmth. To maximize the benefits of curtains, select the curtain rod wider than the window size and use enough fabric to feel it full. Hanging the curtain rods higher will make the windows look taller and it will add more depth to the room.

Higher the curtain rod, taller the window look
Higher the curtain rod, taller the window look


Another way to bring livelihood to your bedroom is adding greenery. Having plants in your bedroom space helps to sustain your relaxation and remove toxins in the room and improve the air quality. No matter how small your bedroom is you can always find a small spot on a shelf to add this green element for a cozier ambience. You need to be careful when selecting the plants for your bedroom which can survive in low light conditions and low maintenance. Some of the popular plants that are suitable to keep in bedrooms are Snake Plant, Pothos, Rubber tree plant, Monstera, Anthurium, Dracaena, Dieffenbachia Camille, Parlor Palm and Lucky Bamboo.

Adding greenery in your bedroom
Adding greenery in your bedroom 

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