World’s Coolest McDonalds

How can a Mcdonald’s look cool you ask? Well it’s cool if it’s inside a plane, isn’t it? Located in Taupo New Zealand, the restaurant serves its customers in a decommissioned DC3 airplane. How cool is that?

History of the Plane

The plane, a Douglas DC3 was built in 1943 used by South Pacific Airlines in the New Zealand between years 1961 and 1966. In 1971 it was renamed Whio and used by Fieldair Holdings as a top-dressing plane, before being decommissioned in 1984.

The owner was looking for a place to start-up his office when he came across the place and spoke to the owner. They wanted to refurbish it but it was too much of a cost to handle. So they sold it to the plane’s current owner for about US$ 20,000.00.

As mentioned it was meant to be just an office when a representative of McDonalds approached them asked if they could re-locate to their intended site. And the rest is history.

The Interior

Externally the plane carries a McDonalds logo and is stated at the same location since it’s beginning in 1990. Contains 10 dining tables with a maximum capacity of 20 customers.

The owners have been careful enough to keep most parts of the plane intact to give customers that unique and authentic experience. Customers also have the chance to visit the cockpit. Pretty damn cool isn’t it?

The Award

McDonalds gives out an award for the coolest of their franchised restaurants all around the globe. The Airplane in Taupo was named the coolest McDonalds In the world beating over 35,000 outlets! The owners were pretty ecstatic with this achievement they got in the year 2013. Ever since then this restaurant is known to be the most instagrammed restaurant in the McDonalds chain and has become a massive tourist attraction point as well.

The Top 10 Coolest McDonalds

Apart from the Airplane, the remaining 9 restaurants in their coolest restaurants list also hold a prettu unique value.

World Number two  is a McDonald’s based  in a Georgian mansion in New Hyde Park, New York, and the third on the list  is in Rome, a marble- and mosaic-filled de light.

The top 10 are listed below.

  1. New Hyde Park, N.Y.
  2. Rome
  3. Dallas, Texas
  4. Bray Town Hall, Bray, County Wicklow, Ireland
  5. Ulsan, South Korea
  6. Sydney
  7. Roswell, New Mexico
  8. Tokyo
  9. New York City

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