YouTuber AcousticTrench Announces Passing Away Of ‘Maple – The Dog’

Maple, known as the talented dog who sometimes played instruments in Acoustic Trench’s musical covers, has crossed the rainbow bridge. YouTuber AcousticTrench and Maple became well known online for their guitar covers on Youtube, quickly garnering an audience of over 2.1 Million that followed them. The YouTuber, guitarist, and multi-instrumentalist are famous among his fans for his finger-style guitar tunes and beautiful music; Maple added an extra charm.

Maple the dog on YouTuber AcousticTrench
Maple the dog on YouTuber AcousticTrench | Credits : AcousticTrench Instagram

YouTuber AcousticTrench with 77+K subscribers on Twitter took to his Twitter space and shared the news of his dog- Maple’s demise. Upon the news of Maple’s death, their fans have left heartbroken and sad comments.

The fans have left heartbroken comments and shared condolences to the Guitarist.

Condolence messages from fans quickly poured in, with some expressing their thanks for the beautiful musical covers the duo created.

Trench is a multi-instrumentalist known for making musical covers of famous songs. While he has been making covers for years, he doesn’t show his face in his videos because he “never wanted to be famous.” Instead, he prefers for the focus to be on the music, or the instrument or his dog Maple who he says is the “real star.” 

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He wasn’t always playing alone in his cover videos though. Maple often accompanied him in his videos and sometimes she even played an instrument. She played the drums for Trench’s covers of “Take On Me” by a-Ha and “Enter Sandman” by Metallica. 

When Maple wasn’t playing any instruments, she was chilling in Trench’s cover videos and enjoying the music. One of their most-watched video is Trench’s kalimba cover of “Can’t Help Falling in Love,” with over 30 million views on YouTube.

In this cover video, Maple is seen calmly sitting in the background as the soothing sound of the kalimba plays the tune of the song. This cover is shorter than the others, but the sound of the kalimba combined with Maple’s calmness has gained a lot of attention.

In some of their more recent videos, you can also spot another member of the family: a rescue pup named Cherry. She’s very shy & timid as she had a tough life before adoption but with lots of love and patience she’s learning to trust again and she has become very attached to Maple.

Maple and cherry : YouTuber AcousticTrench
Maple and cherry : YouTuber AcousticTrench

You can support YouTuber AcousticTrench on Patreon, where you’ll also be able to download mp3s of all of their music.

Rest in peace, Maple. Thank you for sharing your musical talent to the world. You will be missed. 

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